Elimination Communication Basics

GoDiaperFree Book

Discover the natural alternative to full-time diapering and conventional potty training...presented for the first time in a simplified, visual manner...

Millions of babies worldwide are being pottied from as early as birth...

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The Tiny Potty Training Book

Completely stop changing diapers at 18-30+ months in 7 days*…gently but firmly, without rewards, gimmicks, or M&Ms.

Getting your child completely out of diapers can be a daunting task. Whether you have an 18 month old or a 3 1/2 year old, you’ve got problems with ’em staying seated or problems with poop withholding, mad tantrums or intense chase scenes…The Tiny Potty Training Book will help you get potty training done…like last week.

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EC & Baby Sign Basics Workshop

Learn the essentials of Baby Sign Language and Elimination Communication in the comfort of your own home!

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EC & Potty Training Gear

Make potty time WAY easier with our gear bundles.

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I've bundled the 5 most essential baby-pottying items for you...
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The Intuitive Parent

Jeanelle Harvey-Bridges

Registered Nurse, Lactation Consultant,

First Aid Trainer & Certified Nappy Free Consultant

Hello, I’m Jeanelle! Registered nurse, wife, mum, daughter, sister and home-maker :-)

I’m passionate about pregnancy, homebirth and all things ‘baby’ which is why I decided to take the leap into private practice so I can provide the support, understanding and non-judgemental soundboard (along with excellent evidence based resources) that I WISH I had during my pregnancies and during the first few months of parenthood!

It’s so vital for the new mum to be nurtured in any way possible whilst she (and her partner) deepens their connection with bub whatever that may look like; breastfeeding, all the way through to setting baby up for great sleeping habits, starting solids and beyond!


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